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[IPk] Re: HbA1c (HRT), and superbug

To whoever asked about HRT. I tried HRT briefly about 3 years ago - I
felt very sluggish and slightly unwell all the time I was taking it
(obviously this is not the case for everyone though) - never succeeded
in working out whether I felt unwell because I had high BG, or had high
BG because I felt unwell, or whether both the high BG and the feeling
less than completely well were separate results of the HRT.
After taking it for one full cycle, I could stand it no longer, and was
so put off that rather than trying other variations, switched to taking
some natural products - phyto-oestrogen tablets, with calcium
supplement - and I was immediately back to my normal self, and with
minimal if any symptoms of menopause. 

About superbugs. There was a super-strep infection around about 10
years ago, with similar scare stories of people losing limbs as a
result. It was publicized with lurid headlines about 'flesh-eating
bacteria', but in fact it was very very rare - I wonder how many of you
even remember hearing about it. I do only because my brother (also type
1 diabetic) was one of the unfortunate people to catch it, though after
24 hours during which they did not know if he would survive, he came
through without losing more than a bit of tissue on his abdomen and
thigh. It developed at sites that he had used for injections - very
scary - particularly since he is someone who is scrupulously careful
about hygiene. But he has been fine ever since. Such stories should
probably be regarded as a warning, but not to make one go through life
in fear and dread of imminent tragedy.


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