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Re: [IPk] Carbs for Rice

Hi Trisha

 From what I've heard and read, different people have different reactions 
to rice. My carb counting book tells me that one cup (250g) of plain boiled 
white rice has 43g CHO, but if I bolus for 3 exchanges in line with that, I 
too go hypo. I have found that *for me*, a bolus equivalent to about 2.5 
exchanges usually works (depending on what else I am eating with the rice). 
Unlike many here, I do not seem to have the very slow carb release that 
rice and pasta are meant to bring, so a standard bolus works fine for me. 
You may need to do a dual or square bolus over 30-90 minutes to make it 
work. Experimentation seems to be the way to go with tricky things like this!



At 08:58 PM 1/09/2003, you wrote:

>Can anyone help me on the subject of carbohydrates for plain rice.  Looking at
>the nutritional info on the packets there seems to be a lot of carbohydrates
>in rice but whenever I bolus for the amount I eat of rice I seem to get low
>Bg's.  Does anyone have any info about this?
>IDDM 27+yrs, Pumping for 4 weeks

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