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RE: [IPk] HRT affecting bgs - anecdotal evidence here

Heather wrote:
Does anyone know if HRT has an affect?

In my experience, yes, massively.

When I was put on HRT after a hysterectomy and because osteoporosis runs in
my family and my fairly early age for the surgery (late 30s), my bgs went
all over the place.  I tried 5 different forms of HRT (think it was 5), and
developed side effects with every single one and diabetic control was
horrendous regardless of what I did.

Eventually after several years of this I unilaterally decided to stop HRT
and within a few weeks, diabetic control improved and side effects gradually

My sister has no problem with HRT - guess some of us are extra sensitive or
something to it.

I'm now on Fosamax (took 3rd weekly tablet this morning) to increase bone
density.  So far so good and fingers crossed.

Have you tried the "natural" form of HRT.  I think there was a drug trial of
it (info stored somewhere I can locate if need be) at St Mary's ? in London
about 4 ? years ago?

Some people I know found they could tolerate that better than some of the
more usually prescribed forms.

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