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[IPk] Frequency of HbAic - long rabbit

Dear Fiona, Abigail & Melissa

Thanks for your replies.  Melissa I didn't take your first message amiss.

I did receive a lot of time from the diabetic nurse a couple of years ago 
after a dreadful experience.  But her suggestions (or lack of them - "I'm 
stumped" was uttered on several occasions) didn't lead to less erratic BGs.  
I decided to count carbs and eat very little carbs and things did improve.  
I decided that I would have to try Lantus and got it from New York 
abandoning it about the week it became available over here (on it for a 
year).  I decided I would have to go on the pump and got it.

My hospital has Trisha (on this list) on a pump, I don't know if there is 
anyone else.  I don't think they know I am on a pump.  Certainly last time I 
went there expecting to discuss it, the doctor just accepted I was just on 
Humalog and having about 1.9 units for breakfast etc.  He didn't look at my 
BG diary.  But I know they gave up on me some time ago.

Yes I think the other medicines I take could have an effect but I may be 
wrong.  Does anyone know if HRT has an affect?  Yes I have been under stress 
but this isn't new going on 20 years now well my son will be 20 this 
month!!!!!!!  I no longer have to go to court or the police with 
him!!!!!!!or to A & E!!!!!!anyway we have just chucked him out (only way to 
get rid of the live in girl friend who turned up 5 months ago and stayed).  
To illustrate we have 4 safes and my daughter locks her bedroom door when 
she leaves it and when she enters it - every wooden door in the house is 
broken in some way, the side gate and wall is down, we have few ornaments, 
the iron is broken etc etc.  The hospital have said I should try to resolve 
the stress!!!

Yes I should change hospitals - where - I no longer drive - diabetes.

Yes I will see my GP about the HbAic testing - he is sympathetic - and I 
think is not that impressed by the consultant although he has never said so. 
  Only trouble is acting on the result.

By the way 7.4 is the best I have ever achieved.

OK moan over

Thanks everybody


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