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[IPk] HbA1c's

Clear DayDear All,
   Since pumping for the last 3 and a half years my Hb's have not altererd
from pre-pump, the last 6 have been between 7.9 & 8.4 but the high's and lows
are much less and easier to control the complications have remained stable
with out getting worse, and i have now not been admitted to hospital since
pumping whereas I usually spent six weeks a year in hospital with diabetic
related illnesses.
    I do not see it as a failure to have higher HbA1c's and neither does my
consultant in fact he has seen that I am now leading a better life and
everyone says I dont have a deathly look about me and I have a lot of other
medical conditions, so I will try to maintain this level or better but
definatly not a failure

Regards Dave.

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