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Re: [IPk] neuropathy

Hi Paul , I was also diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy at least 25 years 
ago. Maybe I have been lucky but apart from some numbness, I do still have 
some sensation in my feet. They can get hot and uncomfortable, sometimes 
feeling as though they are on fire even now, or to the contrary  feeling ice 
block cold which I would feel is more worrying so I try to protect them. I 
can remember being woken at night with searing pain  and having to plunge my 
feet into a bucket of cold water when first diagnosed .fortunately, that 
phase only laste a few months.
At that time the treatment was anticonvulsants but I was afraid to take them 
instead just taking vitamin b complex and now take evening primrose as well. 
There is an article this month on the Lifescan site about peripheral 
neuropathy which you might find helpful but not necessarily telling you 
something you don't already know. It seems to be high bgs that are the 
culprit and your hba1c is certainly not an indicator of that Have you 
checked your overnight bgs -just a thought Carmel.

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>Subject: [IPk] neuropathy
>Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 17:58:29 EDT
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>    Last weekend I started with a very strong burning sensation in my feet 
>guess neuropathy has started.In the past ive had a slight altered feeling 
>ive run high over night but its soon gone.Five days on and the burning is 
>as strong I feel like ive got heat lamps under my feet its particularly bad
>at night.
>   Ive had diabetes for 16 years and beem on the pump for the last two and 
>half years.My last Hba1c in July was 6.8.Ive been told that the burning can
>last for up to two years until all the nerves have died off and then the 
>will go numb.This made me cry.
>   Im quite a believer in alternative medicine and have booked to have some
>  acupuncture and have started taking alpa lipoic acid and evening primrose 
>prefer this to taking pain killers.
>   Its come as a bit of a shock and despite me keeping very tight control
>  since the burning started it has not subsided.Does anyboby have any 
>and personal experience of neuropathy in the feet?
>     Paul.
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