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[IPk] last thought from me on donations and their necessity

It's come to my attention through correspondence off-list that some may not
realise why Michael has to ask for donations to keep IP-uk up and running.
Here's Michael on Labor Day (look we all know our North American cousins
have a hatred of vowels, so I'll leave out the normal 'u' there in deference
to them <g>)working hard to finish this cycle of fund-raising and both here
and on the website he works hard to explain the background.

>From someone who is vaguely techy (sad person, I know, but what do you
expect from a psychologist and a Scot to boot?), former listowner and
current co-moderator of another diabetes list - let me explain some very

If you host a successful list, like insulin-pumpers both UK and the
world-wide variants, it requires a lot of webspace, bandwidth and therefore
expense.  There are places like Yahoo and MSN etc who host lists for free
but the webspace is extremely limited, therefore archived material, FAQs,
HELP etc for a list is at a premium and as your webspace fills up the older
material drops off into a web black-hole, never to be retrieved again.

Large numbers of members - such as we have on insulin-pumpers make too great
demands to be hosted by freebies and so Michael has to buy webspace/access
etc from an ISP to host it.

There is other techie stuff but at this time of the morning (as I type) when
the first hit of filter coffee is still finding it's mark, I'm not going to
stretch my few active brain cells even further.

So that's why the funding of the list and it's future is in our hands.
Michael has done and continues to do all he can to raise funds elsewhere.
But heck-ma-bob, lads and lasses, we're the ones using the list and gaining
from it, so to me it's worth depriving myself of a a wee bit of ground
coffee or whatever is your addiction to help keep this invaluable resource

Well that's my take and I promise to retreat to the background again.


P.S. Anyone know a company in the US or Canada that will sell me flavoured
coffee? Boaters in the UK is making me lose limbs to buy their overpriced
versions!  I'm Scottish, remember!!!!
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