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Re: [IPk] Re:Bed-wetting

Charlie (11 yrs old, diagnosed aged 4, pumping nearly 1 year) bed-wets when
his sugars are running high. This is very embarrassing for him at school
(although they have a 'secret' way of dealing with it so that the other boys
don't know.) For some reason, during the first part of August, his levels
were rarely below 20  and he had one or two accidents. Now he's much more
stable (why? same diet, exeercise...?) and the bed-wetting has completely


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> I've not looked at this list for several weeks - school holidays etc.
> However this issue is close to my heart as we too had major problems with
> bed-wetting prior to Sam starting pumping. Quick history, Sam was
> when 1, was nearly 5 when he started pumping and is now 6. Prior to
> even though we weren't aware that he was spiking very high during the
> he was routinely wetting the bed 3 out of 7 nights. Quite remarkably since
> he started pumping he has wet twice, once as a result of a nightmare and
> once when ill with a high blood sugar. The difference was just too
> remarkable to be more than coincidence. I've assumed it's because his
> sugars are not swinging about during the night. It's made a remarkable
> difference to our quality of life - just to go to bed and sleep through
> until the morning - I really value the difference. I really hope you
> experience the same change.
> Heather
> Mum of Sam
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