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Re: [IPk] Re: Gymnastics & blood sugar

Hi Jackie,

Remembering over twenty years ago ... I think that either the dilution
was done by the pharmacist, or the pharmacist provide vials with a known
amount of ?saline or ?sterile water in them, into which the patient put
the amount of insulin that they wanted, to make up the strength they

But at 25 units, and a half-unit pen, it shouldn't be a problem as I
guess dinner will be covered by 4 to 6 units, and that makes reductions
by about 10% very easy.

I think I am having towards the bottom end of the range of insulin for
someone of my weight (160 kilos), but not unusually so.  I used 35-40
when I injected. I think the fact that, while six times as heavy as
Sasha, I don't need 130 units (or, conversely, why Sasha doesn't need
only 6) is that children have different metabolisms.  

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 1+)

In message <email @ redacted>,
Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Pat
>I have some ideas to be going on with now.  I must say though I have no idea
>where you can get diluted insulin from.  I cant imagine the clinic giving me
>any either I had to twist arms to get Sasha off mixed insulin and then when
>I stopped using mixtard in the morning and gave separate injections of
>Novorapid and Insultatard that didn't go down well at all!!!  They were
>desperately looking round to see what pre mix might work!! Anyway
>fortunately Novomix 25 didn't come out for a few months after I has started
>giving separate doses.  Sasha control is much better and working out what to
>give is so much easier.  We don't have too much of a problem now we do have
>a half unit pen but when we began we only had a pen that delivered in whole
>units and that really was hard to work with bearing in mind that Sasha was a
>very small 4 year old.
>Sasha takes  about 25 total daily units and she weighs 25.5 kilos its
>amazing that you only need 25 - 35 units a day.
>> Hi Jackie,
>> It's difficult to remember who does carbohydrate assessment!  I just
>> thought of something which might help with the adjustment: you can
>> dilute insulin - so instead of being faced with the 25% difference
>> between 4 units or 3 units of 100% insulin, you can drop by 12.5%, from
>> 8 units to 7 units of 50% insulin.
>> Way back in the 'good old days' (ha!) we didn't have U100, we had U40
>> and U80 - children were usually on U40.  The syringes were 'clearly
>> marked', and new diabetics were warned that they should always check the
>> strength of the insulin, in case a pharmacist made a mistake.
>> I take 25 - 35 units a day, and knowing that the amount of control I
>> have with the pump, and how I dislike the remote because it can only
>> deliver half-units, I think if I had to go back onto injections,
>> permanently, I'd probably want to work with U25, not U100.
>> Best wishes,
>> Pat
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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