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Re: [IPk] Re: Gymnastics & blood sugar

Hi Jackie,

It's difficult to remember who does carbohydrate assessment!  I just
thought of something which might help with the adjustment: you can
dilute insulin - so instead of being faced with the 25% difference
between 4 units or 3 units of 100% insulin, you can drop by 12.5%, from
8 units to 7 units of 50% insulin.

Way back in the 'good old days' (ha!) we didn't have U100, we had U40
and U80 - children were usually on U40.  The syringes were 'clearly
marked', and new diabetics were warned that they should always check the
strength of the insulin, in case a pharmacist made a mistake.

I take 25 - 35 units a day, and knowing that the amount of control I
have with the pump, and how I dislike the remote because it can only
deliver half-units, I think if I had to go back onto injections,
permanently, I'd probably want to work with U25, not U100.

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+)

In message <email @ redacted>,
Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Pat
>I do use carbohydrate assessments and insulin units, sorry I didn't make
>myself clear.  When I said " normal dose" I meant I gave her the insulin
>that I normally would with meal that she ate after counting the carbs. I do
>have problems  with working out her actual insulin to carb ration due to the
>fact that she takes NPH to cover the lunch.  Most of the tables don't work
>very well if you are not on MDI or a pump.  However I do calculated the carb
>amounts and take into account what her present and  recent past bg has been.
>It only seems to have gone wrong since she is doing the gym after eating and
>insulin whereas before when she ate the same amount and injected later after
>gym  it was OK. Its just now will be so late for an evening meal when she
>gets back.
>>I think you could start with a light meal (because I wouldn't want to do
>> gym on top of a large spag. bol!), and injecting maybe 75% or 80% of the
>> insulin which your carb-to-insulin ratio suggests is needed.  Then, that
>> first time, I'd just watch what happened, and take a correction bolus or
>> boluses as needed.  I'd check my bgs before, during and after exercise,
>> and take glucose tabs if need be (definitely not chocolate!).
>This sounds like something I can try.  I usually give her the chocolate bar
>(the twins really look forward to it before gym and allow half an hour for
>it   to be "digested" before they start.  I guess this isn't long enough or
>quick enough.  I will give something else.  We don't normal check half way
>though as sometimes gym isn't necessarily that energetic,  as some time is
>spend standing about waiting in turn to use the apparatus.  Anyway the last
>3 times she has gone low either half way through or towards the end. So I
>will have to do something.
>If I was hungry afterwards, I'd eat, and take whatever insulin was
>> needed to cover it (using 100%, or maybe only 90% of what was needed) -
>> and yes, I know how impossible this all is going to be when we are
>> talking about the kinds of doses a child needs, and having to do it with
>> a pen or syringe!).
>> I'd keep the food exactly the same through the experiments, so that I
>> was dealing with the same thing each time.
>I will have a go with a smaller meal and less insulin and a "faster" snack
>before she takes part then see what happens later.
>At the moment the gym is only one hour so not too arduous.
>Thanks for the advice.
>Mum of Sasha
>Insulatard x 2
>Novorapid x2  plus correction doses
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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