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[IPk] Need to go no mail - hospital

I haven't posted for a little while as things have been a bit hectic around 
here, to say the least. I haven't really been able to read the mails etc. and 
now need to go no mail for a while. I have to go into hospital on Monday as I 
have a possible carcinoma (won't say where...but gynae)! It's all been a bit 
of a rush job. I only saw my doc 3 weeks ago and then he urgently referred me 
to the hospital and they arranged for me to go in on Tuesday to have a biopsy 
(or total removal of the offending area)! The hospital phoned me to say they 
wanted me on Monday as they wanted to rig me up on a drip etc., beforehand 
and do ECG's etc., as I'll be having a general anaesthetic. Don't know if 
I'll be out same day (unlikely) or the day after. Then I have to wait for the 
results (The worst part)! And possibly have further surgery or treatment 
depending on them.
Meantime, I received an appt. to see a Dr Smith at Lancaster Royal Infirmary 
on Oct 17th. He is the diabetologist there and has one person on a pump. The 
thing is, I was going to write a looong letter stating my case and why a pump 
would be benficial to me, but with all this and generally feeling like C&*$ 
and soooo tired, I never got it done. Ah well. My control was not so good 
anyway, and with all the stress of this is even worse lately, no matter how 
tight I try and keep it. I feel nauseous a lot of the time so eating is 
difficult and my stomach is reacting badly to all the stress. I'm waiting to 
see the gastro guy to have a camera down to check out why it's not responding 
to the meds I'm on. And if I get one more doctor telling me that my poor 
control is my fault and I have to sort it out, I'll scream! I'm 36 for 
Heavens sake and if I didn't care I wouldn't be asking for a referral to see 
someone about it! I'm desperate to sort it out! 
Anyhow, just thought I'd check in and say bye for a while.
Best wishes...
Helen, Cumbria
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