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RE: [IPk] Re: Gymnastics & blood sugar

Hi Barbara

When Sasha went to gym earlier, she was home by just after 6.30 having just
had a 15 carb chocolate bar before going and for most of the time this was
OK.  Its just seems to be that having the  meal and insulin first messes
things up.  As I said in a previous mail I may have to just experiment with
less insulin or maybe she will just have to have juice or something.  But I
know that she will then go high later when everything catches up.   She has
to have some juice and a biscuit this Friday.  When she got home,  nearly
8.00pm I just gave her milk and no extra snack for bedtime and she was then
high at 11.30pm.  The food and insulin are not matching probably due to the
insulin being absorbed quicker though heat and exercise and the digestion of
food probably slows down durning exercise too.  Its  a pain.   I am thinking
out loud here.  Maybe half her normal insulin, a small evening meal and the
choc bar or biscuit or maybe juice, then a bigger supper on return and the
rest of what would be her normal dose of insulin??  Anyone think that would


> Hello Jackie
> Danielle does ballet and tap on a Thursday night and we have to
> leave at 4.30
> pm and get home at 6.30 pm.  Our DSN told us to give her her
> normal dose of
> insulin and a substantial snack before she goes (sandwich & yoghurt for
> example).  She suggested that Danielle takes something to the
> class with her
> to have half way through such as pure fruit juice and then to have her
> evening meal as well when she comes home.  This sounds like a
> lot, but if I
> don't do this, Danielle goes too low during the night.  The
> doctor (on the
> Diabetes UK weekend) told us that any exercise done has an effect on the
> blood sugar for up to 48 hours afterwards!  Obviously, what I do with
> Danielle depends on her blood sugar result when she comes in from
> school.  If
> it's on the high side, I will just give her a smaller sandwich
> but still give
> her the yoghurt.
> Barbara
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