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RE: [IPk] Low blood sugars during exercise

With the very small amount of Actrapid that Sasha would use the tail doesn't
last for that long, but a lot longer and slower than Novorapid or Humalog.
Novorapid appears to finish any lowering action within about  3 and a half
hours  with Sasha.     At least with the slower action of A it might work
better for that situation.   I may experiment.


> In message <email @ redacted>,
> Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted> writes
> >  We haven't come across
> >this situation before as most of the sports things were much
> earlier and she
> >always ate  and took the insulin afterwards.
> I'd just experiment, if I were you - seconding Melissa's advice here.
> I'd add that Actrapid has an 8-hour activity curve (in most people), so
> you will need to be doing regular bg monitoring for 8 hours after the
> last injection, to catch any tail-end hypos. I don't know the activity
> curve Novorapid.
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