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Re: [IPk] Low blood sugars during exercise

> Just want to clarify something I said in my post on this topic last
> night. A bg check before exercise and another one after exercise
> should be standard procedure. A test half-way through every workout
> is probably not so necessary once one has figured out what a certain
> activity tends to do to one's bg.

Based on experience with a very athletic teen, I would suggest that a 
bg test mid point through a workout or play period for a high 
exertion sport would be very wise. For best physical performance it 
is also a good idea to have bg's of 4.4 (rising) and below 10 or so. 
Any lower and the risk of hypo is high. Higher and the muscles will 
probably not have enough available insulin to metabolize available 
glucose. At that point, your body will probably release glucose from 
the liver to try and compensate, resulting in an "exercise high". For 
many athletes, it is necessary to have carb intake during this kind 
of exercise routine. This can be a simple snack of crackers or other 
relatively quick acting source of carbs or an "athletic drink" that 
contains carbs that will metabolize over 30 - 60 minutes. 

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