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Re: [IPk] Low blood sugars during exercise

Hi Jackie,

What is Sasha's blood sugar before she begins a gymnastics session? It might 
be worth aiming to have it hanging between 11 and 12. That is the 
recommendation in a book I have (_Outsmarting Diabetes_) and it has failed 
me very infrequently. I won't run 3 miles on a bg of less than 12.9, and I 
won't run 2 miles on one lower than 9.5. One must remember, and Sasha MUST 
know by heart, that exercise uses glucose! If Sasha's bg is 11 or 12 when 
she starts exercising, she'll have plenty of glucose to burn, which means 
she shouldn't have to stop to eat glucose tabs, though it would be a good 
idea for her to check her blood sugar half-way through the session and when 
it's over, just what's happening. Of course, if she's quite high after the 
class, she could always have more insulin afterwards in order to set things 
right, but it's important to remember too that glucose could go back into 
her muscles while she's asleep, which could cause a rather bad hypo. I would 
think that having Sasha take an amount of insulin to cover all but two 
'units' of carbohydrate (i.e., if she takes 1 unit per 15g carb and usually 
eats a meal that contains about 60g carb, try 2 units rather than 4--does 
that make sense?) on the nights that she exercises might work. Have her 
check her bg before, half-way through, and after exercise until you have 
things relatively ironed out.. Also, it may help to do a 3 a.m. test after 
Sasha's had a normal session of gymnastics to see if the exercise is 
affecting her bg through the night.

Good luck,


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