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RE: [IPk] Re: Transferring hospitals

Hi Jackie

All I can say about transferring hospitals is that despite
the fact that I have always travelled into London for my
diabetes care.  I chose to have both my children in Reading
as it was the closest large hospital to where I worked (and
given the number of appointments you have to attend as a
diabetic expectant mum this seemed the most logical
approach).  I don't think anyone cared.  You are always
allowed a choice.  The only problem is that your notes often
don't follow you around, but given that I am not sure anyone
reads them I am not sure that really matters!!

When my pump failed recently while in the Isle of Wight I had
to go the local health clinic to get some syringes (in my
panic I couldn't find mine - found them later in a different
pocket of the suitcase!).  They were very understanding about
having a panic stricken dibetic banging on their door at
6pm!!  They were interested in my pump and very sympathetic.
Definitely more a case of "these things can happen even to
the most organised of people"  I was never made to feel the
complete idiot that I clearly was!!

I am sure that your local hospital will not judge you, should
you be unfortunate enough to have to admit Sasha and if they
do - well surely they will just be demonstrating the very
qualities that made you choose another hospital in the first


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