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Re: [IPk] Charlie Dalton

Like you I've been a little concerned about the number of problems reported 
recenty - particularly of the mechanical variety.
As for your concerns, well, you've got a consultant behind you and obviously 
you and Charlie must be motivated to have got this far in finding out about 
pumps. With support from your Charlie's DSN I'm sure he and therefore you, 
will find it an incredibly liberating experience. His BMs do seem rather 
high but then as you've tried all the other ways of controlling them the 
pump is exactly what you need to iron out those highs. Let's be realistic, 
you are likely to be given a 3 month trial period with the pump company and 
if it doesn't suit Charlie, his situation or you in that time there isn't 
much lost is there?  Be realistic about your expectations for a number of 
weeks. Again it's a new learning curve.
I wish you and Charlie all the best and look forward to hearing how much 
better he is!

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>Subject: [IPk] Charlie Dalton
>Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 17:15:36 +0100
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>from Barbara, mother of Charlie aged 10 who has been recommended a pump by 
>consultant at Kings' College Hospital.
>I avidly read all your messages daily to get more info on what we are about 
>embark. However, I am beginning to feel rather scared - so many of your
>messages seem to be about problems with equipment, support and the 
>views of so called professionals. Having received so much positive personal
>encouragement form members of the site, I am now wondering if we are 
>on the right track. Charlie boards at school and the two nurses and Head 
>wholly supportive of  Charlie's decision to try a pump. He knows he will be
>healthier and not end up in A&E so often and is feeling very positive about
>the whole thing. It's just me panicking!!
>Another thing, Charlie seems unable to keep stable BMs. He is usually 
>between 18 and 30 during the day but has frequent night hypos despite 
>cereal etc on going to bed. Any advice? His diet is good, he loves food and
>the school monitor how much he eats every day. No problems there. But 
>changing insulin's, amounts etc we are unable to keep to a happy medium. Is
>this very unusual? Could it be the stress of a 'high-profile' chorister 
>that affects everything? I feel so ignorant.
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