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[IPk] Re: Pumps and what they said at the Diabetes UK Weekend

In a message dated 25/09/2002 11:04:57 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Barbara was in the group when pumps were 'discussed' and I'll let her 
> comment on that!
> Best wishes,  Heather

Hello Alison

Yes, as Heather said, I heard what they said about pumps.  The doctor (who 
was diabetic) said that the tube is easily pulled out and that he injects 
before each meal and that is what people should be doing and his assistant 
(from Diabetes UK) was talking about adolescents and took the opportunity of 
using his discussion by saying "And what would they do when they are having 

I got the opinion that they must have been briefed beforehand because, at the 
end of the weekend, the questions on the flip chart were brought up again 
just to make sure that we had all covered everything we wanted to know.  It 
went like this:-

carbohydrate counting?
Is everyone happy with this?
Everyone happy that we have covered this?
Blood glucose monitors?
Everyone happy with what we have said on this?
Postcode care?
Do all of you understand that we are aiming to get all areas to give the same 
care throughout?
Insulin Pumps?
We've covered this one, yes.

With a quick line drawn through the question, the page was flipped as I shook 
my head at them and the doctor.  They knew I wasn't happy but did not 
question it.  They had seen me shake my head earlier and questioned me about 
it, but not this time!

Heather had a word with the organiser of the weekend, so hopefully something 
will change.  However, in my opinion, they were against pumps.

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