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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #215

In a message dated 25/09/2002 11:04:57 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Hello Heather and Barbara
> Just a note to say that we were gutted at not being able to go to the
> Diabetes family weekend.  Last Monday I became very ill and got worse
> and worse and worse.   Turns out I've had campylobacta food poisoning.
> Hope you had a good weekend.  If you've any useful information I'd be
> glad to hear it.

Hello Alison

I was really looking forward to meeting you (you know the picture you get in 
your mind of someone).  Our weekend was the best weekend ever! I actually 
thought we would be 'watched' and restricted on everything we ate and did, 
but it was the most relaxing weekend.  The staff were fantastic and the 
people we met were really really nice.  It was a shame to leave everyone.  It 
did leave a lump in our throats as we said goodbye to everyone.  Honestly, I 
would definitely recommend these weekends because the staff make sure that 
you trust them with your children and they give them a great time while the 
parents, yes fair enough, we are learning things, but they also serve us a 
beautiful meal while the children are having their own party elsewhere.  I 
can't recommend it enough.

I have made notes throughout and I am going to type them all up and post it 
to the list.  Some people will be shocked just like we were.  Got loads of 
accounts to get up-to-date and then I am going to send my notes to this list, 
so keep your eyes on here.

Bye for now.

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