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[IPk] Carb Counting

I do wonder if the confusion about carb counting is due to different
perceptions of what it actually is.

What the dietician at the weekend may have been referring to is the old
style "Carb Counting" When I was a child I was ordered to eat so many grams
at breakfast, some many grams at snack time, so many at lunch and so on. I
think the idea was to keep each day as similar as possible, but it didn't
work (picture kids being forced to chomp on slices of bread they didn't want
just to make up their carbs!) It was abandoned with much heavy criticism,
and many dieticians still think back to it.

What does appear to work is carb assessment - working out the carbs in what
you actually want to eat and taking appropriate insulin for it. This is the
basis of both pumping and DAFNE.

For those on other regimens, I admit I don't know if it does work. I suspect
this dietician was making a sweeping statement that isn't true for
everyone - always difficult to avoid doing at a big event. There may also
have been a little of her trying to simplify things for those not able or
not needing to take a more complex approach.

Caroline (also not very good at writing concise emails!)
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