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Re: [IPk] Pump Knowledge comments etc.

I share your concern. My initial step has to been to write to Diabetes UK to 
ask them to amend their policy statement on insulin pump therapy. They are 
in the process of modifying it but the more people who complain about them 
sitting on the fence the better.  I suppose the 'professionals' can 
currently hide behind waiting for NICE guidelines which are due in April 
2003. However, The NSF for Diabetes which will start to be implemented very 
soon (certainly within the next couple of months) quite clearly states that 
people should be empowered to take responsibility for their condition and 
control in the most fitting way for them. Although the NSF is going to take 
10yrs to roll out completely I think it is vital that 'we' keep up the 
pressure to ensure that we want to be enabled not just dismissed as being 
obsessive freaks. I also think it is vital that we do not just accept that a 
consultant won't have anything to do with pump therapy. Write to the 
clinical director of the hospital and ask what is going on. Invite John 
Davis from Input, Medtronic,Diesetronic to come and talk to support group 
meetings, more people will make enquiries etc. Sadly, it would appear that 
the profile is only going to be raised by pumpers being responsible and by 
putting heaps of pressure on the relevant bodies.

(mother of 5yr with diabetes and pump!)

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>Subject: [IPk] Pump Knowledge comments etc.
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>I wonder if anyone can enlighten me a little here.  I notice that some of 
>the professionals that should have knowledge about diabetes appear to be 
>anti pump.  Why is this?  Ok I understand that the medical pro's may be 
>under the umberella of politics and budgets etc,  But Diabetes UK seem to 
>be sluggish about their approach to pumping.  It all seems very strange to 
>me.  I have recently been notified that the reason for my request for 
>funding was turned down, was because "Everyone will want one".  However the 
>matter is being reviewed so hopefully that'll work out.
>Enough of that anyway.  My main concern is why those who are supposed to 
>represent us such as Diabetes UK, appear not to do so.  Is there something 
>we should know?
>As they say: "The Truth is Out There"  Somewhere in Whitehall I suspect!!!
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