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RE: [IPk] Insulin pumps and the lack of them!! and lack of knowle dge

Hi Beverley

Well I dont know about my consultant, he isn't very good at referring
anybody about other things, so I might have to go to my GP and beg.  Good
luck with your marathon on Sunday.  I joined JDRF last year. BTW are you on
any other meds for your arthritis??  I was going to have injections in my
wrists if the pain/swelling didnt go but they are a bit better at the
moment.  My knees and feet are OK now although my feet and knees were badly
affected when I first developed RA.


> My consultant at St Thomas's transferred me to Guy's when I
> expressed an interest in pump therapy.  He was very
> supportive.  There are good consultants out there (I have
> always been very lucky) so keep looking.  As for the BDA -
> forget them!  I find their attitude to diabetes so
> entrenched.  I prefer the JDRF now (much more pro-active and
> entirely type 1).
> Bev
> PS - I am running the Windsor half marathon on Sunday for the
> NSPCC and the JDRF.  I had to have a steroid injection
> yesterday as my knee swelled up (My Rheumatoid Arthritis
> remains minor with the injections)but it is fine today.  Wish
> me luck!  I have run 10 miles before but never 13!
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