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Re: [IPk] For Heather and Barbara - re: diabetes weekend

Hi Alison,

Hope you're feeling much better. I was equally disappointed that you 
couldn't make it. It did cross my mind that if you were ill perhaps we could 
arrange to get the children down anyway! Hardly practical really.

There was a huge list of subjects 'covered' although, because of time 
constraints some were really only glossed over. The group I was in didn't 
even reach the subject of pumps on our list so we were not party to any 
discussion with staff. Of course we were able to talk to some of the other 
families about pumps, a couple of whom seemed very interested. Sam's set was 
also due to be changed before we left on the Sunday and we were able to do 
that with Danielle watching so that she could appreciate that gruesome so it 
appears, the Silhouette doesn't hurt Sam at all. Sam's control was not 
brilliant and we were disappointed with that. I have to remind myself that I 
am not trying to prove myself to anybody and that we are still in very early 
days (just 2 months of pumping) and he is only just 5.
As for information. I think the most informative section was on diet and the 
Gylcemic index. Again, this was only really touched on and has just made me 
keen to know more. I'm keen to know whether anybody has a copy of "The 
Glucose Revolution" by Jennie Brand-Miller and whether it's a good buy? The 
dietician was quick to denounce carbohydrate counting saying 'it doesn't 
Barbara was in the group when pumps were 'discussed' and I'll let her 
comment on that!
Best wishes,  Heather

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>Subject: [IPk] For Heather and Barbara - re: diabetes weekend
>Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 22:30:06 +0100
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>Hello Heather and Barbara
>Just a note to say that we were gutted at not being able to go to the
>Diabetes family weekend.  Last Monday I became very ill and got worse
>and worse and worse.   Turns out I've had campylobacta food poisoning.
>Hope you had a good weekend.  If you've any useful information I'd be
>glad to hear it.
>Alison Orchard (mother of Steven aged 12 - pumping almost 12 months).
>Alison Orchard
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