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[IPk] Re: Insulin pumps and the lack of them!! and lack of knowledge

Hello Jackie

It's funny that you mention that.  It's just that the Diabetes UK weekend 
were anti pumps too.  The doctor who gave the talk about certain issues said 
that the pump can be pulled out and he was diabetic.  He said he was quite 
happy to inject before each meal, but that was just his opinion and the rest 
of the team stuck by him.  

One of the ladies who we all know (I think) who has a young son on a pump was 
quite upset at the comments and so were we.  They had a flip-chart and they 
crossed out the issue of pumps before we were able to ask about them in 
detail.  Yes, they do mention ketoacidosis, but that can really only happen 
if you are not checking your child's blood sugar to see if the pump is 
functioning properly!  We all test our children's blood sugar anyway don't 

We'll just see!

You know I have a pump in a box waiting for the connection!  I will let you 
know honestly and as truthful as I can possibly be when you visit my site at  
<A HREF="http://hometown.aol.co.uk/babzwatson/myhomepage/newsletter.html">Danielle's Insulin Pump</A> 

I aim to provide everybody with an honest opinion of what we thought and how 
it was when it was connected and I might even post some blood sugar results.

Thing is, I learnt a lot on the Diabetes UK weekend which I have yet to put 
together in words so that people can evaluate it.  I will do it by weekend 
hopefully.  It opened my eyes.

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