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Re: [IPk] minimed 508 problems

Hi Bev
I discovered this morning that using the remote control seems to work for 
boluses, so I'm going with that option for now. Occasionally the buttons will 
work as normal. The main difficulty is trying to prime the pump e.g. when 
refilling - which I will have to do tonight. That could be interesting. But i 
guess I can prime via the remote control.
I actually had a call from the oncall person in the UK at 8.30 this morning - 
only 48 hours late! She was actually quite shocked to hear about the lack of 
response I'd had and promised to make inquiries. She also said if there was 
anything I thought she could do to help I should get back to her, but that it 
was probably better to get a new pump sent to me in the US as it would be 
hard to get something to me by the end of today.

I'll be unable to read email (most likely) for the next week, but I'll let 
you know what happened on my return!

On Monday 23 September 2002 08:08, you wrote:
> Hi Di
> Sorry to hear about your problems.  Mine (as Pat pointed out)
> were exactly the same.  I just used a syringe for meals and
> corrections until I could speak to Minimed (I had the same
> problem over the weekend - no-one called me back, I think it
> is better to use the US line out of hours).  My basals always
> worked fine. I now have my pump back and I am going to phone
> them this morning to find out what went wrong.  It seems an
> awful lot of 508 users are having this problem.  I also
> wonder if hospitals should be using Minimed pumps until
> Medtronic get their "helpline" sorted!
> Bev
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