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Re: [IPk] Stuart Russell's infusion set problem

Just a quick correction on the type of infusion sets - we are now using the 
Silhouette after having problems with the Quick set. Because we couldn't see 
the cannula on the Quick Set piercing the skin, we were unaware that 3 sets 
had bent back on themselves and had not pierced the skin therefore the 
insulin was collecting on the surface of his skin - not entirely useful!

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>Subject: [IPk] Stuart Russell's infusion set problem
>Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 19:42:15 EDT
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>In a message dated 20/09/2002 20:42:51 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted
> > From: Stuart Russell - Sun Scotland <email @ redacted>
> > Subject: [IPk] 508 softset
> >
> > Anyone hd problems with softset infusion set in terms of NOT delivering
> > insulin ?
> > Starting pumping for real last week and the first day was a nightmare.
> > Had 4 infusion sets as each had a problem ( primarily the cannula was
> > not staying in the skin, or didnt seem to be deep enough into the skin
> > leaving a pool of insulin around the infusion point ).
> >
> > Anyone with children recommend another type of infusin set ????
> >
>Hello Stuart
>I have recently bought the pump for my daughter and they have included a 
>set cannula.  I have just come back from Diabetes UK weekend where I 
>a boy of 5 having his set changed and he is on the Quick Set one (the 
>needle).  He never felt it go in and the mother was happy with that because
>she had problems with the soft set.  Just in case I have the names the 
>way round, the longer needle is supposed to cause less problems and be more
>widely used than the shorter one.
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