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Re: [IPk] Re: Gluco Watch

Dear Barbara

I have a Glucowatch.  I wouldn't say it exactly hurts whilst calibrating
though I do feel it, its rather irritating but not too bad.  However I have to
wear it on the outside of my wrists, not the tender inside because of
blistering.  Yes the patch is red and a bit sore and irritated when I take the
watch off and remains visible for some days.

The chief problem is that the watch doesn't like movement, sweating, change of
temperature (like putting wrist outside the bedding) etc it's a bit
temperamental and turns itself off quite easily.

For seeing what is happening at night it is useful though the readings are not
the same as finger testing  -  particularly lows.

Best Wishes


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> PS
> Having moved to the pump , my son has had his life changed in only a week.
> I cant see us going back to daily injections.
> However, dont know how you all managed to calc your nightly basals. We
> have been using the Glucowatch which has been
> a total godsend.

As I said earlier, we have just been on a Diabetes UK weekend and the Gluco
Watch was mentioned but it was said that the skin was irritated and hurt
while the watch was calibrating.  It has put me off buying one.

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