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[IPk] Stuart Russell's infusion set problem

In a message dated 20/09/2002 20:42:51 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> From: Stuart Russell - Sun Scotland <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] 508 softset
> Anyone hd problems with softset infusion set in terms of NOT delivering 
> insulin ?
> Starting pumping for real last week and the first day was a nightmare. 
> Had 4 infusion sets as each had a problem ( primarily the cannula was
> not staying in the skin, or didnt seem to be deep enough into the skin 
> leaving a pool of insulin around the infusion point ).
> Anyone with children recommend another type of infusin set ????

Hello Stuart

I have recently bought the pump for my daughter and they have included a soft 
set cannula.  I have just come back from Diabetes UK weekend where I watched 
a boy of 5 having his set changed and he is on the Quick Set one (the longer 
needle).  He never felt it go in and the mother was happy with that because 
she had problems with the soft set.  Just in case I have the names the wrong 
way round, the longer needle is supposed to cause less problems and be more 
widely used than the shorter one.

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