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re: [IPk] minimed 508 problems

Hi Di
Jamies had a similr problem 3 times now. and Medtronic said they hadn't 
heard of it, so rang USA helpline on third occaision, they took it more 
seriously and said to monitor it for a week and if it happened again to let 
them know in case it has to be returned. However, hasn.t happened since,but 
He's also stopped using the quick sets which may have been the problem (?) 
back pressure from insulin not actually getting in the skin ?

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>Subject: re: [IPk] minimed 508 problems
>Date: Sat,  21 Sep 2002 9:28
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>I'm sorry to say that this sounds exactly the same problem we had with 
>Sam's pump (in Belgium) a few weeks ago.  Several others have had it too.
>Provided it doesn't start draining the batteries & you can see the time of 
>day screen, it should be delivering basal rates OK.  I suggest you leave it 
>alone over the weekend, bolus manually & phone Hannah at Medtronic first 
>thing on Monday.
>Good luck!
> >Hi folks
> >Has anyone had this problem before?
> >When I press either the SEL or the top right button, the screen goes 
> >and then acts as if the battery has just been put in (flashes a whole 
> >of things on the screen, then says Ver 08b and then goes back to normal) 
> >doesn't let me do anything. So I can't bolus at all. It's been happening
> >randomly since last night - sometimes one of the buttons will work,
> >sometimes they won't.
> >I've just had breakfast and managed to get it to give me half a unit in 
> >an hour of trying. Still trying to take the other 2 units!
> >
> >Just rung Medtronic and the person I spoke to had never heard of an 
> >pump! But she has passed my details onto someone who is going to ring me
> >back, with any luck!
> >
> >Of course it's the weekend, and I'm off to the US on Tuesday, so I don't
> >want to be pumpless when I go!!!
> >Di
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