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Re: [IPk] I need help

At 22:29 16/09/2002 +0100, Lucy wrote:
>Hi I'm not really sure were to begin with the problems I have been having
>but my main one is that I have been having conflicting information. I was
>started on the minimed 508 2 weeks ago and also changed insulin from pork
>actrapid to novo rapid. All the information that I have received about
>calculating boluses has been based on humolog I.e. 1 unit=15g carbs. when I
>have calculated my insulin using this method my BGL post-meal run very high
>for upto 4 hours and eventually come down. Every meal that I have I am
>always giving more than the calculated amount to prevent my BGL's going so
>high. Have discussed with minimed and diabetes team but no one seems to no
>why. Has anybody else experienced similar problems ? Has any body tried
>both types of insulin ? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on a D-Tron, using Humalog. When I started on the pump (almost 2 months 
ago) I was told to use a ratio of 10g carb to 1 unit Humalog. However I 
have had to change that since, as my post-meal readings were usually high. 
I now use a ratio of 7g to 1 unit for breakfast, and 8g to 1 unit for the 
rest of the day. I was worried about making these changes as I seemed to be 
rejecting 'textbook' recommendations - however, I don't think this is 
unusual, and it is of course important to find the ratio that actually 
works for *you*. Perhaps you should talk to your Minimed nurse about trying 
a different ratio.

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