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Re: [IPk] minimed 508 problems

I'm getting seriously annoyed now.
I rang Medtronic at 8am this morning and they said someone would call me
By 5.30 this evening noone had called so I rang again.
This time it took about 20 calls to the main number before the divert to the
emergency number worked. (the other times it went blank when I pressed "1"
and I had to hang up and redial). They promised someone would call me back
in half an hour.
After over an hour I called them back (this time it took 35 attempts to get
through to the emergency line) and they said for some reason the emergency
person on duty had gone off and the new person hadn't taken over, so there
was noone available to call me back and sort out the problem. They're now
"looking into it" and have promised again to call me back asap. It's not
even as if they're busy - when I rang the 3rd time they said they'd only had
one other call in the whole day.....

If they don't get a replacement pump to me by the end of Monday somehow I am
going to be seriously annoyed........ I'll try ringing Minimed in the US if
they don't and see if they can send one to me for when I arrive there. But
I'm not holding my breath on that one either....

Bring back AMT..........I don't remember anyone having any problems with
them, and I certainly didn't.....
Di who is extremely annoyed now
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