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Re: [IPk] Further 508 Experiments

If insulin comes out because the volume of the tube changes, surely, it
comes out whether the end is air or in me?

Or are you saying that more pressure is needed to force the insulin into
me, than into air, so that the movement of the tube back and forth
cancels itself out, when inserted into me, before insulin goes anywhere?

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 1+, sure she can get a grant for thinking this hard about
mathematical concepts in public!

In message <email @ redacted>, Michael
<email @ redacted> writes
>> Dear All,
>> Changing my set yesterday afternoon, experimented again.  Twisting
>> the end of the syringe this time had no effect.  Shaking the pump,
>> however, caused a 'delay' of 0.3 units.  Then I wondered about
>> pushing down on the top of the syringe, and was horrified to see a
>> huge jet of insulin gush out the end! 
>Shaking the pump while it is attached to a "not" hooked up infusion 
>line will flex the infusion line and cause its volume to change. It 
>will expel insulin under those circumstances. You can easily 
>duplicate this without the pump by filling the tube, holding your 
>finger over the luer lock end and then shaking the tube. I proves 
>nothing. If you effectively seal both ends of the tube by inserting 
>it, then no insulin flows when it is shaken. There is nothing to be 
>upset about.
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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