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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #210

In a message dated 19/09/2002 19:18:24 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I would think your diabetes nurse may have some.  We keep 3ml saline
> cartridges just for practising with the D-TRON, but not many of our users
> feel it necessary to have a saline start, 99.9% of them go straight to
> insulin.  Surely your Medtronic nurse trainer should be helping you with 
> all
> of this?

Hello Estelle

Thanks for the reply.  The pump nurse doesn't actually carry any herself.  
She has given me the full description of the solution and I took it to Boots 
who told me that they know what it is but they can't sell it to me and that I 
need a prescription.  I also asked the hospital and they said the same.  I 
went back to the GP (the pharmacy part of our surgery) and gave them the full 
description but they thought it was 10 ml vials of saline nose drops.  God 
help me!  I told them it had to be sterile and suitable for injecting.  They 
are doing a full search and ringing me if they find some.

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