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Re: [IPk] Further 508 Experiments

Hi Pat
I presume this is using the long fill method where you have a bit of the 
reservoir sticking out of the end of the pump, and that you pushed down on 
that sticking out bit?

if that's a problem, then the solution would be to use the short fill method 
where there's no sticking out bit.
That's the reason I use the short fill method, because I don't like having 
sticking out bits sticking into me!

On Thursday 19 September 2002 07:14, you wrote:
> Dear All,
> Changing my set yesterday afternoon, experimented again.  Twisting the
> end of the syringe this time had no effect.  Shaking the pump, however,
> caused a 'delay' of 0.3 units.  Then I wondered about pushing down on
> the top of the syringe, and was horrified to see a huge jet of insulin
> gush out the end!  Priming showed that this was about 1.4 units (enough
> to drop my blood glucose by over 3 points!).
> The syringe can be pushed down because the lever at the opening doesn't
> grip the syringe, just rests on it.  I'm not sure whether the lever was
> better on my own pump, or whether it's just this loan which is faulty
> (and it is a fault, surely?).
> It takes a fairly firm push to make the syringe move - I can only
> remember doing this accidentally early on, when I had it in the wrong
> place for driving, and dug myself in the ribs while executing a 3-point
> turn.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
> dm 30+, 508 1+, would much rather have the odd unit delivered
> unexpectedly by the pump than the odd tens of units delivered
> unexpectedly by mdi)
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