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RE: [IPk] freestyle, holiday lows and overnight insulin!

Hi Debbie

Thanks for your message.  Sorry about my slow response - I only got back from
Fuerteventura yesterday!

I now have a FreeStyle - Boots ordered it for me.  I've tried it a few times
and like it, but I really need to use up my Esprit supplies before I get any
more strips for the FreeStyle, otherwise my GP might not be so

Regarding my holiday, I kept up with 4 BG tests a day (I'm still on MDI at the
mo) and was surprised at how low I can go without feeling any symptoms.  I'm
hoping the pump will help me become hypo aware again.

Regarding overnight insulin, I found while I was away that I got better
morning BG tests by not having any Humulin I, but having a similar amount of
Actrapid when I woke up for a wee at about 5am.  No doubt my BGs were all over
the place between tests, but at least the morning one was good.  I had to have
extra Actrapid at breakfast time, too, to avoid a high before lunch.  I'll
probably stick with this routine now until I start pumping NEXT TUESDAY!!

Cheers everyone


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Hi Lesley and all
just read your email from last week, and let you know my son uses the
frestyle from therasense. He also uses the ultra at school and at night I

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