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RE: [IPk] Question for parents of young pumpers


We started off in a similar way to you.  Since our Sam has had his pump,
we have provided a couple of information sheets each year.  One is a
general poster identifying Sam and has some general pump information.
This is prominently displayed so that all staff will (hopefully) get to
know him.  The second has more specific guidelines based on BG results,
with instructions to phone us if a result is outside our specified

We have also produced simpler versions of these for other activities,
where people are responsible for Sam for more than a couple of hours.
This has worked very well and gives him more independence, although he
is 3 years older than your Sam.

Sam also does his own boluses under supervision, which is a big help.
If school phone because he is high, we can simply tell them how much he
needs to bolus & he does it while they are still on the phone.

Hope this helps.


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What level of detail do you give to carers of your children? I've asked 
Sam's school to contact me if anything becomes disconnected; if the pump

alarms or if he's hypo or above 14mmol (they are brilliant in that they
test him). I am still going in at lunch time to watch him do his bolus,
is only just 5. I wondered how much and what sort of information other 
parents give to people who are looking after their children?
Thanks, Heather
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