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RE: [IPk] Pump Trials + Questions

Hi Julian

I have a D-Tron and really like it, and found the support from Disetronic to
be excellent.  I don't know how it works with Medtronic so maybe someone
else could help you there.  Are you on Humalog?  This can be used in both
makes of pump so you can look at both and decide which features you prefer.
The D-Tron does take pre-filled Humalog cartridges though, which was one of
my major reasons for choosing it.

I purchased my pump and paid for the consumables for over a year and a half.
I now have funding for the consumables, so I haven't received any money back
on what I've already spent.  I know my consultant really fought for me to
get funding and used the fact that I've been able to get a better HB1AC's
(5.6) consistently then my pre-pump days (6.0).  The main argument was to
with the fact that I tried DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) for
over a year and although I got the better HB1AC I was having terrible hypos
(and was hypo unaware).  I think it was this fact that helped me to get the
funding more than anything, that I tried other methods of getting better
control but all the different long-acting insulins I tried didn't solve the

Hope this helps and good luck.
Take care

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Hi everyone

I'm back on list after a break, and would welcome some wisdom - I'm thinking
of a trial early next year, and I wonder if there are any tips etc. that I
should look at now.

* I've thought of  the time to do a trial is immediately between 2 A1c's to
see the impact, having the various medics on board, having a reasonable base
of records in the 3 months beforehand and so on. I would probably trial with
a Disetronic, as it would not involve a change of insulin for me. Are there
any other hints?

My team are knowledgeable about pumps (there are about a dozen people using
them I think at the clinic), so that is not a problem.

I had a conversation with my consultant last February (next appt on Friday),
and I don't think I will get a medical justification. The only real problem
I have is forgetting nighttime jabs occasionally which causes high overnight
blood sugars sometimes, and leg cramps.

If push really comes to shove, and I go with a pump for real, I can probably
afford it - but I'm just not too chuffed with the prospect of shelling out
#20k or so over the next decade on Db pump treatment.

Does anyone know:

* What is the position with obtaining funding after paying for a pump
yourself vs paying from the start?

* Is there anything that can be offset against UK tax?

* Has anyone negotiated "half-way" house agreements - e.g., I buy the pump,
the NHS funds the consumables.

* Has anyone who is responsible for costs persuaded their Primary Care Trust
to spend money saved from the reduction in insulin (I reckon that comes to
#180-200 per annum based on a 40% reduction on 80u per day) on consumables
(softsets and so on?

Thank-you for any comments.

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