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Re: [IPk] Pump Trials + Questions

Hi Julian

> * I've thought of  the time to do a trial is immediately between 2 A1c's to
> see the impact, having the various medics on board, having a reasonable
> base of records in the 3 months beforehand and so on. I would probably
> trial with a Disetronic, as it would not involve a change of insulin for
> me. Are there any other hints?

??? You can use any shortacting insulin you want in either pump.

> * Has anyone negotiated "half-way" house agreements - e.g., I buy the pump,
> the NHS funds the consumables.

Yup, I did this for my first pump. They were willing to fund the consumables 
but not the pump. Which is silly from their point of view, because the pump 
costs far less than the consumables in the long run. But I wasn't objecting!

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