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[IPk] Pump Trials + Questions

Hi everyone

I'm back on list after a break, and would welcome some wisdom - I'm thinking of a trial early next year, and I wonder if there are any tips etc. that I should look at now. 

* I've thought of  the time to do a trial is immediately between 2 A1c's to see the impact, having the various medics on board, having a reasonable base of records in the 3 months beforehand and so on. I would probably trial with a Disetronic, as it would not involve a change of insulin for me. Are there any other hints? 

My team are knowledgeable about pumps (there are about a dozen people using them I think at the clinic), so that is not a problem. 

I had a conversation with my consultant last February (next appt on Friday), and I don't think I will get a medical justification. The only real problem I have is forgetting nighttime jabs occasionally which causes high overnight blood sugars sometimes, and leg cramps. 

If push really comes to shove, and I go with a pump for real, I can probably afford it - but I'm just not too chuffed with the prospect of shelling out #20k or so over the next decade on Db pump treatment.

Does anyone know: 

* What is the position with obtaining funding after paying for a pump yourself vs paying from the start? 

* Is there anything that can be offset against UK tax? 

* Has anyone negotiated "half-way" house agreements - e.g., I buy the pump, the NHS funds the consumables. 

* Has anyone who is responsible for costs persuaded their Primary Care Trust to spend money saved from the reduction in insulin (I reckon that comes to #180-200 per annum based on a 40% reduction on 80u per day) on consumables (softsets and so on? 

Thank-you for any comments. 

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