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RE: [IPk] I need help

Hi Lucy

This is very worrying as everyone's ratio of insulin to carb
is different.  It is trial and error as to what works best
for you.  Some people also find that this varies through the
day (I need less insulin for each 15g carbohydrate in the
morning than in the afternoon).

The rapid rise followed by a slow coming back to normal may
be due to several things but the most obvious would be - are
your basals right? - have you tried fasting to make sure they
are OK?  I am wondering if your bolus is too low (rapid rise)
and your basal too high (gradual fall back to normal).

If in doubt experiment.  Get basals right first (fast and
check no rise or fall) and then take a known amount of
carbohydrate (2 slices of bread weighed first), bolus and
check.  If it rises work out how much by and adjust your carb
to insulin ratio.

My ratio is for most of the day 15g CHO to 1 unit humalog but
I know plenty of people who need more insulin.


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