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Re: [IPk] Re: Minimed 508

In message <002401c25ca0$4577d840$email @ redacted>, Caroline
Batistoni <email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Pat,
>The problem is mainly with the top end of the reservoir not being held down
>by anything - in my 507 the clip across the neck holds it completely snugly.
>This means the top part of the reservoir can be made to rotate around the

No, it's not snug ... 

Let me try to rotate mine (unclipping disconnecting at the quick
release, first, of course!).  Yes, it's possible to rotate it!  
>Admittedly this much rotation is not likely to happen accidentally,
>but a large amount of free movement of the whole reservoir is still
>possible - which is more what I meant when I referred to rotation (wrong
>choice of word probably!)

But thinking about this in terms of geometry, a rotation of the cylinder
doesn't alter the volume of the cylinder, so there will be no effect on
the insulin delivered.

> In any case, the reservoir moves a lot from side
>to side. 

Yes, I've held onto the bit that pokes out, and tried to rotate the
syringe, and it wiggles from side to side.

>In the second pump I received, it was possible to remove the
>reservoir (with the door open) without lifting the catch across the neck,
>which is not possible with the 507 or either of the other 508's and strikes
>me as a fault.
It's certainly possible to force the catch open by pushing up on the
sticking-out bit.  But both with door open and door closed, it's not
possible to move the syringe further out or further in to the pump - in
other words to change the dimension of the length of the cylinder -
which would push more insulin down the tube, or mean that the movement
of the levers had did not deliver any insulin.

>I haven't had a response on the first pump yet, and the second and third
>(both of which only arrived this week) are packaged up to be returned.
>My nurse has a huge amount of experience with MM pumps (currently over 40
>patients at the clinic on pumps, and she has been supporting pumps for
>several years) so I trust her judgement when she says it doesn't look
>"normal" or right.

But it DOES look just like my current and previous pump - both of which
work like dreams.  I was suggesting that she had little experience with
the 508 rather than with pumps.  
>I guess your suggestion of using the pump and checking every half hour etc
>may work, but I still wouldn't have confidence to sleep with the pump even
>after that. (Also checking every half hour is not the easiest thing for a
>dentist to do, but I suppose I will if its essential.)

Well, it would perhaps convince you that if you say 'give me 1.2 units'
it will give you 1.2 units.  Then you could move to trying it for basal
during the day, and finally to overnights ... If your job means you
can't test that frequently, do it over a month, with meals for a couple
of weekends, and basals for another couple of weekends.

>Using your loan one is a solution I like the sound of.... at least I'll know
>it works! (not fussed about colour, just want a pump I can trust!!!)
What I suggest, if Minimed agree, is that you send me your 'failed'
second pump, and I'll have a go with it.  If I'm happy with it, I'll
send you the one I have on loan ...  It can go back to them when they
send my original one back.

>I'll let you know what happens

Oh, remember to reattach pump, Pat!!!  (Just to reassure Melissa, who
yesterday experienced first-hand my phenomenal ability to forget to do
things like that! Hi Melissa!)  Melissa observed that the neck-lever on
my 508 is a pathetic thing compared to the one on her 507 (funky blue,
oh, I'm so jealous ... I am _not_ a charcoal person!).

Oh ho ...  THAT's interesting.  I just primed 0.5, because I'd fiddled
inside ... and thought it a little sluggish.  Tried 1.0, and got a nice
big blob.  Twisted the end from the outside (no fiddling with levers at
either end, this time), and primed 0.5 - nothing.  Another 0.5, and it's
moving fine again.  

I find it a little difficult to see the blob formation on the connection
(it's more difficult than on the insertion needle).  I wonder if other
508 users would care to repeat this experiment: disconnect, prime 0.5,
observe how much insulin comes out.  Twist the syringe around (without
opening the case), and prime another 0.5 - any difference?  Prime again
until you're happy, and re-connect).

TO REASSURE THOSE WORRIED BY ALL THIS: I have had two different pumps
that are like this over the last year, and my control has never been so
good!  I rarely get a bg over 15 - it used to be a near-daily
occurrence.  I go for days below 10 (ok, with the occasional hypo),
where before in 30 years of IDDM, I can remember only 3 in which I was
between 4 and 10 ....

If this is a 'faulty' pump, then I'd still commit some fairly serious
crimes in order to keep it. 

Best wishes to all,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, using the 'short' - less-insulin - method, which I
assume means that the syringe will be twisted less.  Also habitually, I
clip the pump to my belt, or wear it in a thigh thing - unlikely to be
accidentally twisted in either place).
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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