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[IPk] Re: Minimed 508

Hi Ken,

What actually happens is the top half of the reservoir is not held in by
anything. Because the square end of the plunger is held fairly firm as you
say, it is possible to cause the top part of the reservoir to rotate around
the plunger. Admittedly this much rotation is not likely to happen
accidentally, but a large amount of free movement of the whole reservoir is
still possible.

I use the long reservoir method, because otherwise I tend to get rather
close to running out of insulkin and a set change becomes an urgency, which
isn't always the best. But I wonder if the short reservoir method might
solve the problem.

I spoke to medtronic at length before the third pump was sent out. Hannah
Dickinson said she had the pump in front of her and couldn't see a problem
with this one - but I wonder if I was making it clear over the telephone
what the problem really was. The first pump I sent back has not been
received back from the States (as far as I know) I still have the second and
third here to be sent back (both only arrived this week)


> Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 06:09:45 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Minimed 508
> Caroline
> I am very puzzled about your reservoir rotating. I can't see how this is
> possible with the pump door closed because the square end of the reservoir
> fits snugly against the door. You obviously will have discussed this with
> Metronic. What do they say? Just out of interest, do you use the short
> 150 units of insulin) or the long (holds 300 units) reservoir method? If
> use the short method, make sure that you have installed the reservoir
> converter which keeps the reservoir very snug.
> Ken
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