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Re: [IPk] Minimed 508

Dear Rosemary

When you disconnect from the Silhouette do you stop the pump.  I was told to
leave mine on and I don't prime at all when I re-connect.  I hope I'm doing it
right.  I haven't noticed my blood levels going up much.


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Caroline, you must be feeling terrible about all this and utterly fed up.

I'm not clear why you are so sure it is the driver arm which is at fault.
I've been on a MM 508 for more than 18 months and never had a problem with
the driver arm. That's not to say its not possible, but its always worth
considering other possibilities too. I've found with my 508 that I have to be
absolutely sure that the insulin has reached the end of the tubing and is
actually appearing as a blob at the end before I reconnect. When I disconnect
to have a shower I have to prime the pump for a massive delivery (I now prime
15 units - 10 is never enough) before I see the insulin appear and I then
immediately reconnect before it has a chance to go back up the tubing. So
watch out that you can see that blob of insulin before you connect yourself
to the pump. I have also had a problem with particular sets - I now use
Silhouettes and they never seem to cause any major difficulties. I did have a
couple of quite horrendous non-delivery experiences using Quick Sets.

Don't despair please. Something is going wrong and it may not be what you
think it is at the moment. Are your clinic really knowledgeable about pumps??
I wonder if the MiniMed/Medtronic person who put you onto your pump (was
there one?) could come and see you.

Do contact me if I can help. If you want to talk to me on the phone, email me
off-list and I'll let you have my phone number.

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