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[IPk] Minimed 508

I am at my wits end.

Today, I received my third MM508 from Medtronic, and as far as I can see, it
has the same fault as the previous two. I am two scared to even try it,
since after trying the last one earlier this week I ended up in hospital
with (fortunately mild) DKA. Both my DSN and consultant felt the pump was
the major contributing factor.

The fault is one that I mentiond on this list a while ago. The reservoirs
are not being held securely in place so they easily rotate. This causes them
to disengage from the driver arms, which interrupts insulin delivery. The
DKA resulted from me going to bed wearing the new pump. Since my sugar was
6.1 and I was going to be getting up in just over 6 hours I foolishly
decided not to do a 3am test. By 6.15am I had a sugar of 27 and it all went
downhill from there. (Moral of this story - 6 hours is plenty enough time to
develop ketosis) When I ran a prime from the pump at this point, no insulin
was delivered for over 2 units.

I can't see that I have many options left now. I can't keep the 507 that my
clinic have loaned me ( in which the reservoirs do not move AT ALL) forever.
All I can see to do is return the 507 to my clinic and go back to MDI. My
DSN has stated that she is not happy for me to be wearing these pumps, and
she thinks this is definitely a big problem - not just in my imagination.

Does anyone else with a 508 have this problem - especially anyone who has
received a new 508 within the last couple of months. I can't be the only
person to experience this problem.

IDDM 18+yrs MM507 4 months
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