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Re: [IPk] John Neale's brain op


I guess you'll be reading this after September 10, but we will all be thinking of you and hope that you'll be on your feet again very soon.

Best wishes.


> From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
> Date: Sun 08/Sep/2002 12:01 GMT
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] John Neale's brain op
> Hi everyone -
> Just a quick update to explain why I have seemingling vanished from this
> list unexpectededly...
> About 7 days ago I was admitted to hospital unexpectedly in Freiburg,
> Germany, on account of some headaches. They feared meningitis, but it
> turned out to be a large brain tumour. I'm booked in for the big op on
> Tuesday 10 September. In the meantime I'm on hydrocortisone to shrink the
> brain. (I haven't explained that quite right, but I'm sure you get my
> meaning...) They've taken me off my pump (wah wah wah!) but interestingly
> have put me on an intravenous insulin drip instead. All my doses have gone
> skewy, but that's mostly the cancer and the hydrocortisone - and I've found
> German doctors get anxious when you try and run your own diabetes in a
> hospital. That's life I suppose...
> Best wishes -
> John Neale

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