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RE: [IPk] John Neale's brain op

Hi John

I don't really know what to say, but that we will all be thinking of you and
your family at this time.  We will see you back on the list then when you
have recovered from the op.

See you soon


> Hi everyone -
> Just a quick update to explain why I have seemingling vanished from this
> list unexpectededly...
> About 7 days ago I was admitted to hospital unexpectedly in Freiburg,
> Germany, on account of some headaches. They feared meningitis, but it
> turned out to be a large brain tumour. I'm booked in for the big op on
> Tuesday 10 September. In the meantime I'm on hydrocortisone to shrink the
> brain. (I haven't explained that quite right, but I'm sure you get my
> meaning...) They've taken me off my pump (wah wah wah!) but interestingly
> have put me on an intravenous insulin drip instead. All my doses have gone
> skewy, but that's mostly the cancer and the hydrocortisone - and
> I've found
> German doctors get anxious when you try and run your own diabetes in a
> hospital. That's life I suppose...
> Best wishes -
> John Neale
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