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basal rates was Re: [IPk] Re: Lantus

>What Lantus cannot do that the pump can is provide different bakground 
>basal) levels at different times of the day. It is extremely rare to find a
>pumper who has only one basal rate throughout the day - apparently the
>average is four.

in _The Insulin Pump Therapy book_ *(minimed) they state: "The majoirty of 
pump users (>95 percent) achieve good glycemic control with three or fewer 
basal rates per day (unpublished data, 1994) [p. 53]. I know a few people 
here (men, I recall) have mentioned they have very few basal rates, but I 
wonder how true this really is across the board. For example, my basal rates 
vary slightly at different times of the month, and my consultant has 
commented on the fact that I have 5-6 different basals at any given time. 
The variation in times of month makes me ask does the number of basals over 
a 24 hour period vary when you add gender in as a variable. Additionally, 
I'm not happy that the assertion in the Minimed book comes from is 
unpublished data.  That means it hasn't met the scientific/allopathic litmus 
test of double blind trials.

I just had a look at the website, and 67% of international IPers have 4 or 
fewer basal rates per day - a far cry from 95%! Michael, I know you're 
reading! Could we get a breakdown based on gender as well? I can't wait to 
throw that discrepancy at my consultant! (he quoted this muck at me at my 
last appointment).


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