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RE: [IPk] Lantus


It does not replace the need for short acting insulin.  I don't know where
the BBC got that from!!  It is taken in one or sometimes two doses, if it
doesn't last the 24 hours it is supposed to, which some people find.  You
then have to inject short acting with every meal or large snack unless the
bs is low.  In theory it is supposed to mean that if you don't want to eat
you don't have to.  Well certain meals at least.  The idea is that you can
eat  when you like and you are not tied to a rigid schedule. Lantus is
supposed to be virtually peak less, unlike NPH one of the most "peaky"
insulins around. But few I have spoken to have reported a slight peak to
watch out for .You cannot mix it with any other insulin.  Some people report
that it stings when you inject.  Some use NPH in the morning so that the
kids do not have to inject at school and Lantus in the evening so that they
don't have the worrying drop overnight in the early hours of the morning but
can give enough insulin to cover a dawn rise if that is a problem.

I have been gathering information and personal experiences of people already
using Latus.  Mostly children,  but I have some posts from adults who are
using it.  I don't think it can or will replace pump therapy.  I have no
personal experience of pumping, but from reading what people who have used
both therapies say, pumping is still superior.

If anyone wants any extracts from e mails about Lantus mail me off list.

Mum of Sasha

> Hi
> I had heard of this. The nurse at the GP's mentioned it a while back and
> seemed to think it was a better idea than the pump, but I still
> would prefer
> the pump. What I had been told, however, and what was on the
> report on the
> BBC health site a little while ago, is that it replaces the need for both
> long and short acting insulins. The nurse said that would probably mean
> having to go back to set meal times and carbohydrate intakes. In
> my opinion,
> This seems a backward step from using the pen system, which I am on now,
> where, if say, I am ill and cannot eat or if I am working (5-7pm)
> I can test
> my BG and inject accordingly. My lifestyle and job make it impossible to
> stick to the 'old' routines.
> The nurse didn't see it this way! But then, I guess the insulin
> is cheaper
> than the pump!
> Helen
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