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Re: [IPk] Holiday pump problems

> Hi Andy and al
> Jamie had an odd problem a few weeks ago, the pump was set to bolus
> and just froze with the bolus on it, doing nothing for about a
> minute, after which it worked and did the bolus. 

As I understand it, MM pumps do an extensive self check every now and 
then. When they do this, the suspend other operations until the 
diagnostic is complete then resume normal operations. I recall this 
coming up in an email a year or two ago.


>Hannah at Medtronic
> didi not knwo the cause, then last week on the way home from
> Scotland, we had the no delivery alarm, about 2 hours after changing
> the set for the 2nd time.No idea why and it seemed to be working.
> However it has been increasingly annoying in the past few months
> that at least half of all the quick sets Jamie has inserted, if not
> more, have hit blood vessels, normally smallish ones, but also one
> artery that spurted out rather a large display of blood on

This was a small capillary as well. it just bled beneath the skin and 
produce what we affectionaltely call a "gusher". Fortunately this is 
usually rare. I think Lily has had maybe..... 2 -3 in 8 years.

> disconnection( whcih drew an audience in the theme park, people
> thinking he had been injured, and he was most embarrassed).
> Sometimes I put a cold  compress on the skin first, but he is not
> very ken on this - any suggetsions 

Yeah... switch to Silohuettes. They seem to be favored by people that 
are thin or very small. They look intimidating but users say the are 
the most comfortable... and they are used (surprisingly) by many 
small children.


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