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Re: [IPk] Lantus

well it's not difficult, it's just a routine,

everyday is the same, 
up at 7am
get to 8am
work till 11 am, eat i sandwich+ fruit, bolus for that food.
work till 1am eat pretty much the same as my elevenses. + bolus.
work till 5 - 6.
(my work is sitting infront of a computer all day so it's physicly demanding)
go home / eat / go to karate / go to cinema / go out / see friends / whatever.

I've got into a bad habit of eating malteasers at work i've worked out how much to bolus so my bg stays under 6

Karate, i can do 1-2 hours of intensive physical excersise with no problems, i just disconnect the pump and forget about it.
It's the same for going swimming or going to the gym.
I'm terrible with pasta, i can never judge it correctly, and I'm very cautious with my square wave bolus which means my BG can be high in the morning ... 12 -13.
Chinese food, I always end up with a high bg a few hours after but I can adjust my square wave so i wake up sub 8 mmols.
Fish and Chips / McDonalds ... i just try to forget about them.
Cinema, i'm trying to get the amount of insulin right for pop corn & large fizzy drinks. I'm failing miserably. I think I need more practice ;)

i make lots of mistakes, i try to correct them as soon as i can.

At the weekends, i can get stupidly high bloodsugars in the evenings, it's my own fault, forgetting to bolus usually .
I allways try to drink enough water, 

well that's it , off the top of my head.

oh yeah, i test my bg a lot, i get through 200 strips/month.
If i feel high i always test my bg, there have been times when my BG was 4 but I had not drunk enough water and was feeling like you do when ur bg is high. I'm sure i'll make the mistake one day of bolusing without testing :(
although i keep my bg stablish, i've never had a baaaad hypo. [touch wood]

, liam

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